Wednesday, July 4, 2012

More Pockets!

    Who doesn't love pockets? Pajama pants are better with pockets, dresses are better with pockets, and girl jeans are a pain because of their lack of usable pockets. 

Diablo 3 Lanyard!
    A purse is a thing designed to hold other things, it's basically a giant pocket with a strap. When you run out of space in the pockets built into your clothing, you add a purse to your outfit. The issue with using this "large pocket" for multiple items, however, is keeping things organized. Although my Demi bag had pockets all around the lining of it already, the big area in the middle would constantly be a mess of cords and items too big for the pockets but still small enough to get lost in the chaos. So I made myself a purse organizer.

    I had seen tons of these on Etsy in all shapes and styles and knew that it was just what I needed. Miche actually offers their own purse organizers, but only for the Classic and Prima bags. Making my own wasn't too difficult. The biggest issue I came across was sewing the lining and outside together. Because I used such thick/sturdy interfacing I didn't want to attempt the method where I leave a little hole somewhere and turn it right-side-out after sewing it together inside-out. And I wasn't confident I'd be able to sew around the top edge very well with my sewing machine, because of the corners and interfacing getting in the way. So I ended up sewing it by hand with white thread using the blanket stitch. 

    As a bonus, my Miche bag now can stand up on it's own. Usually Miche shells are very stiff so they hold the bag's shape. However, mine was made out of a thin fabric, and I only used a light-medium weight interfacing on it, so it would slump quite a bit when I set it down. But not anymore :) Thanks for looking!

Comments/Criticisms welcome.

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