Friday, March 30, 2012

Better Done Than Perfect

    Apparently the key to moving ahead is following through. If you have unrealistic goals for a project or keep tweaking it and adding to it you might never get it finished. Personally, my biggest issue is that if something goes awry partway though a project I can get discouraged and frustrated and end up putting it down and never picking it up again. I'm starting to realize that I should force myself to finish these troublesome projects right away to avoid them piling up and being a waste. Plus, odds are that once in a while they will turn out half decent in the end anyways. This is one of those times.

    So it was my boyfriend's little sister's 15th birthday last week she ended up getting the number one thing on her wish list: a new camera! Her parents got her the camera and my boyfriend gave her a memory card for it. I wanted to make her something with a little love, so I whipped up a camera case for it. She is in love with all the trendy owl things these days so I grabbed the first owl fabric I could find (I know she would have preferred having a black background instead of brown but I was in a rush :p). 

    Both these fabrics, and three others, came in a fat quarter bundle from Joann Fabrics. I absolutely love the fabric I got for the lining, it's kinda feather looking and matches the bellies of the owls perfectly. My boyfriend says it looks like the fish from the children's book The Rainbow Fish, which it totally does. I wonder if there is printed fabric somewhere like this one except in blues and greens and purples, I would love a piece of that... I wish I had more of this red and orange one too, it's pretty unique and I can think of a number of projects it would look cute with.

    The first issue I ran into with this project was when I sewed it all up and turned right-side out(it was sewn inside out to hide the seams). The corners where the flap met the rest of the case was really bunched up and wouldn't lay right. This was partially because I had forgotten to cut the little relief triangle things that you're supposed to cut out of corners and places where you stitched a curve. I turned it back inside out and cut those as close to the seam as I dared(which wasn't that close at all, I'm paranoid about the seams coming undone if the fabric frays a little if I cut too close). It helped quite a bit but there are still some wonky looking bits. If I ever make something similar to this in the future I might just make the flap separately and then sew it on to save the frustration.

    The other issue I have with this case is the gaps at the sides when the case is closed. I wish they were smaller and it kind of irks me because it makes it look like the flap was made too thin(which it's not!). The camera clearly isn't a perfect box shape so the sides of the bag aren't forced to sit in the dimensions I made them. To remedy this I guess I could have use a sturdier interfacing, or maybe if there was a thick strap it would help hide the gaps. Oh well. 

Other than those couple issues I think it's sort of cute... Let me know what you think!

Comments/Criticisms welcome :)

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