Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Fun Sized

    My second custom order! This was also my first successful experiment dealing with changing the size or scale of a pattern. It was requested to be half the width so it would essentially be the width of one credit card, instead of the normal size I make which is 8" wide.

    These fabrics were chosen from my decent sized stock pile of fabrics which is a collection of fabrics I bought simply because I think they look pretty. I'm always happy when these fabrics get chosen for a project that actually gets finished because they look so much better made into something rather then sitting around folded up on a shelf :) This wallet was almost difficult to part with because of that, but luckily there are some remnants.

    This wallet is a wee little thing. It's roughly 4" wide by 3 3/4" tall. It serves the same purpose as the zipper card pouch taught here. The divided sections are made to fit all those plastic cards we have these days. In addition to the 5 divided sections, there is a teeny tiny zipper section with literally the smallest zipper ever. I had so much fun making this and would constantly stop and comment on how friggen cute it was. I think I will definitely try to make some more wallets this size. Maybe also try a middle size(6" wide by 4ish" tall). If you haven't seen my regular size version of this wallet you can check some out herehere, or here

    The great thing about this little wallet is that it is small to begin with but can get thick enough to hold quite a bit of stuff.  I'd love to hear what you think of this itty bitty wallet. Also, what do you think the optimal size for a wallet is and why?

Comments/Criticisms welcome :)


  1. I have to ask you...are people really paying $110.00 for wallets like these? I just checked your Etsy shop, and nearly fell over when I saw the price! The wallets are really cute, but I have trouble believing that anyone would pay that much for them.

    1. None have been sold for that price on Etsy yet, and for now I'm just using Etsy as another method of exposure. I also find the prices for my wallets a little out there, but that's their real value when you add up everything that goes into making them (materials, time, etc).