Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Map Coaster Tutorial

    My Dad is impossible to buy for, and no I'm not just saying that. Buying him something store-bought is pretty much a waste of time so I'm always trying to think of stuff I could make him. He lives a pretty upscale lifestyle so if I make him silly kid crafts it wouldn't get used(I know he'd still love it cause he's my Dad and all, but still). I saw this idea somewhere on the internet a long time ago and thought it might just be something that could work for him. Each coaster is a map of a place that has some meaning to him: the house he grew up in, the family business, his favorite road trip destination, etc. Enjoy.

Materials I Used
Roll of thin cork
6 wooden coasters
Mod Podge or other glue/sealer

Tools Needed
Computer and printer
Google maps

Step 1. Mark and cut out circles of cork that are the same diameter as the bottom of the wooden coasters.
Step 2. Using a paintbrush and your glue of choice, attach the cork circles to the coasters.

Step 3.  Paint the sides of the coasters however you please. The ones I found had ridges on the sides so I painted them with bands of a darker green to make them look all fancy-smancy. I also used a very matte type of paint and decided to put a coat of Mod Podge on top to make them a little bit glossy.

Step 4. Next you need your images. I got mine by searching addresses or places on maps.google.com, I then copied the image into Photoshop and put text over top in colors that matched the paint. Honestly though, any pictures could be used for this, pictures of grand-kids for a grandparents' present, pictures of pet, vacation pictures, Game of Thrones house sigils... I mean, everybody has to know at least one die-hard Game of Thrones fan at this point right?

Step 5. Print and cut out your images to be the same diameter as the top of the wooden coasters.

Step 6. Using your glue of choice and a paintbrush again, carefully attach the paper to the coasters. Using too much glue may cause your paper to ripple.
Step 7. Once the glue has dried, put 1 or 2 layers of sealer all over everything except the cork. Try to make sure the first layer is fully dry before adding a second. Once all the layers are dry then you're done!

    If you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear them. I also want to hear other ideas for images to use on coaster because I know there are a ton of great ones I haven't thought of. Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for looking!

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