Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter!

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    One of my besties, Nicole(Nikki), recently got a new iPod touch, and by recently I mean... November? Not that recently I guess, but she for real recently(March) told me she was in need of a case for her iPod. She keeps it in her bag when she goes out and a girl's bag can be a very dangerous place, especially for things prone to scratches. I should also mention that, in addition to finding joy in making stuff for my friends, I owe Nikki big time. As a going away present she gave me the most gorgeous thing that was ever made from glass. It was one of her projects at school and she put sooo many hours of work into it. I love it and now Nikki has the right to ask me to make her pretty much anything.

    Some time in the past year or so I had made a case for my own iPod touch. I never ended up using it, but I had got my iPod second hand and there was no room left on the screen for any more scratches so it wasn't it a huge deal. It was a little brown faux suede pouch with flannel ducky fabric on the inside and used a velcro closure. This could be perfect for Nicole, the only issue is it's location... a box somewhere at my mom's house I'm guessing, but I really can't be sure. In any case(hah) hunting it down was not a reasonable option, so back to the old sketchpad I went. 

    In my very professional research searches on Etsy(Bags and Purses>scroll>next page>scroll >next>page>scroll> and so on until my eyes get tired) I have come across these awesome little phone cases with one or 2 card pockets on the front. They are so perfectly simple and not at all bulky. I always picture them tucked in a back pocket on a pair of jeans, they seem like a perfect grab and go type item. But leather isn't really my style so I thought I would try my hand at making one out of some regular cotton fabric from Joann Fabrics(the beige print was from a fat quarter and the minty green was found in the remnants bin).

    Unfortunately, shortly after I picked out the fabrics and started cutting, I realized they didn't really suit Nicole(in my mind at least, she says they're fine :p). I figured I would finish what I had started regardless because I was really in a sewing mood and not using the pieces I had already cut out would be a waste. Next time I go to the fabric store I will have to shop with her in mind. 

    Now, I'm not going to say hand sewing is the worst part of the projects I get myself into, because pinning and cutting out pattern pieces can sometimes makes me want to stab myself with a blunt cross stitching needle, but it's one of the more time consuming tasks and it's always disappointing for the perfectionist in me. On almost every project I make with the sewing machine there is a little bit of hand sewing involved to sew up the little hole left behind when I turn the piece right side out after machine sewing it inside out. But that's usually just a straight seam, about 2-4 inches long, and I use an 'invisible' stitch. The top stitching on this case was much different because it would be in plain sight and fairly noticeable. I also had to get the needle through up to 16 layers of fabric when I was going around the bottom two corners because that's where all the seam allowances piled up. Mind you the cotton fabric I used was very thin, but believe me it adds up! Overall, my opinion of my hand stitching skill is... could be worse but could be better. At least I have Nicole's case to make in the future which will force a little more practice out of me.

*Click here to see the tutorial for this project*

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  1. Mountains and CloudsMonday, April 09, 2012

    Oh, I love it! I am inspired to go dust off my sewing stuff.....

  2. Thanks! It was a fairly easy project, I did it in an evening :)

  3. I love this so much. Perfect for me as I hate carrying a purse!

  4. Love it! Will you post how you did yours?

    1. Sure :) I'll try to make another one with some process pictures either tomorrow or the next day. Thanks so much!

  5. I love the idea of pockets on it, but I have lovely thin glove leather in my fabric stash, and it is so moldable and easy to sew (yes, I have leather needles for my sewing machine!) that I think I will give this a try! I love beautiful leather goods! Thanks for sharing this!

  6. Check out the tutorial for this project here: