Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One of The Best Presents Ever

    Kindles are great! For the longest time I thought they were frivolous toys and I had no real interest in them. I love books, I love the smell of books, I love the feeling of turning the pages of a book. Yep, I was a book girl. Screw e-readers, who needs them? Or so I thought, until I was given one as a gift. Amazing, seriously amazing. Books are way cheaper on it, I can buy the next book on my reading list without even getting off the couch, I can bring countless books with me at a time, I can change the print size when I'm tired, the list goes on and on... And so, to give such a great device the respect and safety it deserves, I have made it a case. <3

    In case you were wondering, I have the Kindle Keyboard(wifi version). If you are looking for an e-reader(and not an e-reader/tablet hybrid fancy-pants thing) this is the one I would recommend. Although e-ink is only black and white, it's so easy on the eyes and is honestly the closest looking thing to a physical book page in my experience.

    The case is a simple 8" x 5 1/4' zippered pouch. I added a pocket on the front to make it a little more interesting, though I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to keep in it(the charger fits well enough, but considering how rarely I need to use it I'm sure there's a more practical use for the pocket).

    I absolutely love the print on this fabric, it makes me think of flower petals, butterfly wings, and cloudy sky all at the same time. The interior and front pocket are fully lined in a cream color that matches the zipper. Both the outside fabric and the lining came from fat quarters from Joann Fabrics. This project used less fabric than I anticipated it would, I think I'd be able to make a second one completely out of the leftovers. In an effort to add a little bit more protection to the case I used some extra thick interfacing. I had some issues using this interfacing before, when I was turning the camera case I made right side out, because of all the bulk the interfacing added. So this time, to save myself the trouble, I simply slipped two rectangles of interfacing in between the lining and the exterior after everything was sewed up(save a hole at the bottom of the lining). I'm going to have to remember this method in the future because it was much easier.

    I'm pretty happy I can keep my Kindle in my bag without having to worry about bumps and scratches anymore. I'm also fairly pleased that I found a project for this fabric that I will get some use out of  :) I tend to use my prettiest fabrics for projects for others so they get given away or end up just sitting around unused. Anyways, let me know what you think!

Comments/Criticisms welcome :)


  1. Neat idea! I'm going to make one for my Kindle. I LOVE my Kindle, too.

  2. This is great! My daughter has this same Kindle, and she loves it. Hmmm... perhaps I should make it a bag, eh? ;)

  3. Love this and that its zippered! Going on my make list!

    1. Funny enough, since more than a couple people I know received e-readers this year, this is back on my to-do list too :)